Avurudu special: Fast SSD Cloud Hosting offer!

Here in Sri Lanka, we get to celebrate the new year twice! In fact, the new year of many South and Southeast Asian calendars falls between April 13–15, marking the end of the harvest season. The National New Year “Aluth Avurudda (අලුත් අවුරුද්ද)” in Sinhala and “Puththandu (புத்தாண்டு)” in Tamil is a period of celebration when children can play all day long. It’s a time for special games that you usually cannot see at other times of the year. Game boards are dug out, the rabana drums are dusted, and old traditions come alive.

The Asian Koel, known as the Koha in Sinhala, has a strong association with the New Year celebrations in Sri Lanka. The melodious “koo-ooo” call of the male bird is regarded as a heralding sign of the traditional New Year.

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