Webvision Sri Lanka: Seven Years Young

This month, Webvision celebrates seven years of service in the web design and web hosting industry.

Firstly, we are very thankful to God for his guidance throughout these seven years. Webvision started small, still remains small and are truly confident that “small IS beautiful”. We also express our sincere gratitude to all our customers from near and far for having patronised our business. We trust we would be of service to you in the coming years and continue to innovate in order to meet your website requirements.

A special thanks to those of you who obliged us with some superb testimonials. This is truly encouraging and would certainly portray a positive image to our business.

To those of you who have never visited our website, there are many firsts in this revamped version. To start with, we have moved our website URL from webvision-lk.com to webvision.lk. Then we have this blog! When one cannot write eloquently, starting a blog may sound ludicrous! Hey, but com’on, I can’t be that bad and come what may, I plan on knocking my keyboard!

From a design angle, we have introduced silhouettes on our header and footer. This has added an element of simplicity and the local flavour provides a Sri Lankan identity. We have also embedded an introductory video clip and included a search bar for easy navigation.

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