Free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools in cPanel

To assist our clients improve their website visibility in search engines and increase website traffic, we have made available the SEO Tools section in your hosting account cPanel. Here you will find all of the tools and services you need to get more of your site listed in Google and the other major search engines. Note, all these tools on cPanel are now available to you for free!

Free SEO Tools on cPanel
If your website is new, make sure you use these free SEO tools and your site could appear in Google search results in less than 24 hours! If your site is already in Google, you could get even more pages listed, and improve your page rank in days.

There are also tools to give you statistics on common errors that can affect your search engine optimisation efforts – such as broken links analysis, as well as the site’s current standing in line with the Google Guidelines for improved search traffic.

Happy Seoing!

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