How to Install Google Chrome in Arch Linux

In case you have not read my dive into XeroLinux, it’s an eye candy Arch-based Linux distribution which has been performing very well.

Installing Google Chrome in Arch Linux may appear to be complex but really isn’t.  As you know, Chrome is a fast, secure, cross-platform browser that’s awesome. I run Chrome in Linux and regularly switch between Windows and Linux, so it’s very convenient.

Remember, Chrome is not open source and doesn’t come pre-packaged with Arch. You need to install and update Chrome manually.  Fret not though, in minutes, you can install Chrome on your Arch Linux machine. There are several different ways to install but let’s look at one easy method:

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Packages Installed

Let’s make sure you have the base development packages and Git installed:

sudo pacman -S –needed base-devel git

2. Download Google Chrome from the AUR

On your machine, clone the Google Chrome repository:

git clone

It will download the files and be ready for installation. Go into the folder created:

cd google-chrome

3. Install the Package

makepkg -is

4. Upgrade the Package

As mentioned earlier, you need to update Chrome manually.

Just go into google-chrome directory and type in:

git pull

Then run

makepkg -is

Now you will have an updated Chrome browser on your Arch Linux!


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