Sorting HTML tables with Firefox

TableTools2Recently, a client wanted an existing HTML table sorted differently. I have laboured on this type of work before but when the requested table was several rows long, I was sure that I was in for a tedious task!

After googling, I came across this superb Firefox add-on that does the sorting of tables by simply right-clicking on any of the cells.  The add-on is called TableTools2 and works like a charm. See:

So what did I do after the installation?  Basically, I looked at the new order in which my client wanted the table sorted and then took the existing table offline and added a few letters in the first column. I then opened it on Firefox and right-clicked the new table and voilà, TableTools sorted it for me!  Once sorted, I copied the source code and uploaded it online.

Saved me several hours for sure!

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