Why I stayed with Ubuntu

It’s more than 3 years now and the experience with Linux’s desktop operating system, Ubuntu has been really good. It hasn’t been rosy all the time but when you have an amazing community of followers, there’s valuable help all the time.

It’s open-source and free, it’s safe, it’s simple and it’s fast. No more malware and viruses that used to haunt the Windows machines.

Some of the pre-installed software include LibreOffice for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. Then there’s Thunderbird for emails and Firefox for browsing. I moved into 14.04 recently and the first change that I noticed is that the OS had picked up my wireless card automatically! It’s done the same with the printer and Android phone – no notice, no noise, just ready to use! I have also installed BlueGriffon, a cool open-source, WYSIWYG, HTML editor that creates web pages in conformance to the latest web standards.

Check out this Ubuntu tour and be amazed:


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