Installing Red Hat on Ubuntu

Red Hat LinuxYes, you can install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on Ubuntu using a VM such as VirtualBox. So where do we start?

First let’s get VirtualBox installed on Ubuntu.  This is really easy.  Just click on the Ubuntu Software Center and search for VirtualBox.  Once it’s found, just click install and all the needed files get downloaded and installed without a hassle.

Okay, now that you have VirtualBox, you need to download the iso file for Red Hat.  Now depending on you PC, you need to download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version.  This is important, because even if you have a 64 bit version of Ubuntu, you would need to check your system.  Note, VirtualBox will not allow a 64 bit version to be installed on 32 bit system so be doubly sure before you download.

Assuming your downloading a 32 bit version of RHEL 6.4, the file size would be around 3 GB.  If you are using Firefox, then I would recommend installing the “DownThemAll!” extension for a smooth download.  So a 32bit iso file would look like this:
and a 64 bit like this:

So how long would this take?  That would depend on your network of course.  In my case, it took around 2 hours on a 4G wireless broadband.  Not bad at all!

Right!  Now we have VirtualBox installed and we have the iso file. Now all you need is to install it.  So fire up VirtualBox and go install.  To make the process smooth, just follow the step by step instructions on the following video:

Once done, you can start using Red Hat.  Well done and welcome to the world of RHEL!

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