How safe is VPN?

With a How safe is VPN?Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can hide your true location by connecting to a server in another country. VPN has been in the news lately in Sri Lanka due to the temporary nationwide block of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Just in case you have not heard, Viber is back today: hello Sri Lanka! It is also reported that the restrictions on WhatsApp will be restored tonight.

Many in Sri Lanka may have retorted to free VPN services to access these blocked applications over these last seven days.  But the questions is, how safe is VPN really?

It’s imperative you do your own research before choosing a VPN service and avoid using a VPN service that’s free. As you know, it costs money to run a VPN service, and if it isn’t charging you something, it’s likely making money off your data instead. Not all VPN service providers are worth your trust. Some diligently log your connection times, dates, IP addresses, keep track of how long you’re connected, and even keep an eye on the types of traffic that you send through their networks while you’re logged in. In some instances, data is stolen even when the VPN is turned off!

Of course, there are good providers out there committed to your security and your privacy that are worth your trust, so make sure you do your homework before you sign up.

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