Cloud Hosting Price Increase

As we come to the end of the year, we want to let you know about some upcoming pricing changes to your cloud hosting services with Webvision.

Since Webvision began, we have always worked hard to achieve and maintain the high levels of service and support that we ourselves would expect to receive. This is our benchmark, and we remain committed to achieving it.

Whilst always reaching for these high standards, we have maintained the price of our services, even through our recent accelerated hardware upgrade programme which delivered increased speeds to many of our customers, and by absorbing increased supplier costs.

As our cloud hosting partner is based in the UK, costs have been increasing dramatically throughout all industries and – unfortunately – the technology sector is far from immune to these. Notably, increased costs far above the level of inflation, such as a 80% rise on datacentre power, increased licensing costs, hardware prices rising with chip shortages together with the depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee.

To ensure our service remains at the highest levels and to continue making investments in our infrastructure and teams, we will be making some necessary adjustments to pricing of your services, starting 1st January 2023. Our teams have worked incredibly hard to minimise increases and deliver the best pricing possible.

We hope you understand our need to make these changes, which echo similar adjustments seen from providers throughout the industry, as costs associated with supplying services increase.

Click here to view the new cloud hosting rates >>

As always, our sincere thanks to all our loyal customers and for your continued business.

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