Microsoft Windows removes warning about installing Chrome, Firefox…

Windows 10 warningThere was much talk earlier this week, of Windows 10’s warning when users tried to install the Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi web browsers, “You already have Microsoft Edge — the safer, faster browser for Windows 10.” The dialog box presented two options: “Open Microsoft Edge” — the default — and “Install anyway.”

The good news, according to CNET, is that a new “fast-ring” test version of Windows, Insider Preview Build 17760, no longer interrupts the installation of rival browsers.

Can you remember old Internet Explorer (IE) browser in the first browser wars two decades ago? That was the time when IE dominance got Microsoft in trouble, with the US Justice Department and the European Commission dragging the company through antitrust proceedings.

Today, Edge – the “safer and faster” browser is struggling to reclaim even a shadow of the dominance it once held with its IE browser. According to StatCounter, the worldwide browser market share is dominated by Chrome (60%) while Edge remains at a dismissive 2 percent!

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