Install pCloud Drive on Linux

You may have never heard of the pCloud cloud service, but they offer a free plan that gives you 10GB of storage space and it’s available for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. pCloud is a Swiss company that provides comprehensive easy-to-use cloud storage solution for individuals and businesses alike. Both the desktop and the mobile app are clean and incredibly easy to use. They have, according to their website, over 10.5 million users.

The Linux installation requires Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 21, Debian 8 or later derivative distributions.

Here’s how to install pCloud on Linux:

If you don’t have a pCloud account yet, go to the pCloud website and create an account. Then download the pCloud drive client for Linux.

Once it’s downloaded, open your file manager and go to the download destination folder. Then right-click the pcloud binary and select Properties in the context menu.

Next, select the Permissions tab and tick on Allow executing file as program.

Close the pCloud Properties window, then double click the pCloud binary. A login window will popup. Enter your pCloud email address and password.

After login, a folder named pCloudDrive will appear under your home folder. All files under this folder will be synced with pCloud Drive. Note that this folder doesn’t take any physical space on your hard drive. You can view it as a remote file system which is mounted under your home folder.

When the pCloud binary runs for the first time, it creates an start icon on your system, so next time you can start pCloud from your application menu.


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