Coronavirus and working from home

While the Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc across the globe, the Government of Sri Lanka has encouraged many to work from home. In fact, thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, working from home is no longer a privilege, it’s a necessity.

Without doubt, the cloud computing industry is exhibiting strong growth over the past many years. Few would have known that cloud powered solutions would turn out to be a perfect fit for a situation such as this. The cloud is inherently built for such situations and there lies an opportunity in this crisis.

As individuals, we can do our best to protect ourselves by washing our hands, covering our coughs, and changing our habits as we live within our communities. Behavioural changes help us reduce the spread of this virus, but also future potential outbreaks.

Both our US & UK cloud partners have made prudent steps for a worst-case scenario in regards to the rapidly spreading Covid-19 virus from facility preparation, supply chain disruption, and business continuity standpoint.

Our US cloud partner assures the following:
• We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection at our core facilities.
• We have ordered and already received critical components we need for expansion and regular use to last us one-year
• We have critical staff members working at home and isolated crews at our key facilities.

Our UK cloud partner assures the following:
• Providing continuity of service to our customers is part of what we do all year round; planning and delivering underpins much of our customer experience.
• Many of our employees already work remotely, if they wish, and we’ve been working over the past weeks to increase this as part of our overall Coronavirus business response plan. An increasing number of teams will begin working remotely, and where roles require physical presence, we are taking steps to segregate and protect those involved.
• Non-critical business travel has been suspended and all participation in industry events halted as part of our efforts to delay progress of the virus.

Today, more than ever, the cloud is a partner to business, and cloud technology enables our economies to function by relying less on local conditions.

We would like to wish you good health and a smooth navigation through this turbulent time.

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