The Nexus 7 in 2020

The Nexus 7 2012 WiFi tablet co-developed by Google and Asus is pretty solid. I have been using it for several years but lately it has been extremely slow, to the extent that it was pretty much useless.

I tried a factory reset, wiped out the cache but nothing really helped until I stumbled upon Abhishek Prakash’s post on “How To Root Nexus 7 2013 In Ubuntu Linux”. This was a brilliant article but alas, he was referring to the 2013 version.

So let me get this clear… The 2013 version is named “Flo”. The 2012 WiFi version is called “Grouper” and the 2012 3G version is called “Tilapia”.

Prakash’s article still came in handy because I was able combine it with the XDA Developer’s forum that was very specific to the “Grouper”. Here’s the link:

The end result was fantastic! The Nexus 7 is now running Android 7.1 and is super fast! I would recommend this upgrade to anyone having an old Nexus 7 tablet but beware, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can brick your device!

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