No Google Doodle on Independence Day

Today, we in Sri Lanka, celebrate our 66th Independence Day and it would be celebrated with great dignity throughout the country.  The National Independence Day celebration will be held in Kegalle under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  The celebrations in Kegalle will be held under the theme “Let us in unison build a nation … Read more No Google Doodle on Independence Day

Google Honours Sri Lanka’s Independence Day 2013

Guess you have already seen the image on and it looks pretty cool. The idea of a specific image (“doodle”) on to commemorate Sri Lanka’s Independence Day was initially ignited by Buddhika Nuwan who made the request to the Google team through a forum post here. Good on you Buddhika! Here’s an interesting … Read more Google Honours Sri Lanka’s Independence Day 2013

Webvision turns ten

Webvision Sri Lanka 10 years in web design and developmentThis month, Webvision turns ten years old. Ten years ago, I vividly remember working on a project using an assembled AMD PC. That too, from my bedroom!

Ten years later and almost everything has changed. We spend more time doing work on Linux rather than on Windows. We have more satisfied clients from all parts of Sri Lanka and overseas and we have moved into a spacious office that overlooks a tea plantation. We have also shifted our focus from static web design to dynamic, database driven content management systems.

So what has not changed? It’s Ella! The place in which we started our business in the hills of Sri Lanka. Many have asked us how we operate from here and reach out to the rest of the world? Let’s face it, we are doing business on the Internet and that makes the world a very very small place.

We thank God for his guidance throughout these ten years. Thank you to our faithful customers – thank you for doing business with Webvision. Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for your referrals. We are truly grateful!

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CeylonLinux gives out free CDs

I have been using Linux for some time now and am very satisfied! Although upgrades of Ubuntu is possible online, it really helps when one has his/her own CD. It was refreshing when I heard recently that CeylonLinux was offering the Ubuntu CD free. So now you don’t have to wait for weeks till the … Read more CeylonLinux gives out free CDs

Joomla 1.6 on Fantastico

Since January 2011, one was able to manually install Joomla 1.6 but now Fantastico has got it pre-installed on cPanel. That means, in a few clicks, you can have the newest version of Joomla up and running! The principal changes introduced in Joomla 1.6 are as follows: New Access Control System – Allows site administrators … Read more Joomla 1.6 on Fantastico

What is the best browser to surf the net?

browsersAs a web developer, I find it very frustrating when some customers tell me that they are still using IE 6! Goodness gracious – IE 6, probably the worst browser on earth!

So how do you really select the best browser? This is probably a very personal decision but there are a few aspects that one should seriously consider. For example, the interface or look and feel, features, performance and security. In my opinion, security is the most important criteria since many want to infect your machine with their virus. For me it’s Firefox as the number one browser but you may not agree.

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How to start a website for your business

So many of our potential customers phone and ask us how to go about building their website. Some small businesses are even reluctant to get online because of the time or expense they believe is required.

Let me tell you boldly: if you’re in business, you definitely need a website but it wouldn’t cost you the earth nor take up too much of your precious time!

Hopefully, this article will convince you to get your business online without spending a lot of money or time.

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Is Caffeine gooooooooood for you?

I cannot recall Google for having done this before but earlier this month, Google invited the public (that’s you and me) to take their next generation of web search for a test drive. For some reason, it has been code named Caffeine.

Google’s engineer, Matt Cutts has invited us all to test it at You can test the old Google against the new for yourselves at The new architecture is said to include size, indexing, speed, accuracy and ranking changes and Google is asking searchers to give it a try it and report their feedback.

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